• 18/10/2017

The Valencia Conference Centre chosen as the venue to host the international Conference on Porous Media

After being held in Rotterdam (Netherlands), Ohio (USA) and New Orleans (USA) on the last three occasions, the 11th International Conference on Porous Media and Annual Meeting will be held in Valencia in 2019. 

The event, which is scheduled to take place from 5th to 9th May 2019 and is to be held in Spain for the first time, is aimed at academics and researchers working in this field as well as professionals, given the close links Interpore, the organising society, has with the industry’s firms. The Valencia Conference Centre has been chosen as the venue selected for the specialists taking part in the meeting to exchange ideas and update their knowledge.

According to the Chairman of the Organising Committee, Jaime Gómez, a Professor in Hydraulic Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de València, “the charm of the city of Valencia and the Conference Centre’s facilities, which can cater for plenary sessions of over 700 delegates, together with multiple parallel sessions, and all on a tight budget, were some of the key factors that led us to choose the Centre for the 2019 event”.

The Conference will centre on both natural porous media (such as the aquifers where the water drawn from supply and irrigation wells is stored), as well as industrial porous media (i.e. the materials used to manufacture disposable nappies). Porous media are present in our daily lives more than we imagine. In addition to industrial porous media such as nappies, nanomaterials, canvases, filters and membranes,  these media make up a large part of our aquifers and oilfields, and are also used in the building industry and other industrial processes. Even cellular tissue, such as the brain, is a porous medium, and its behaviour can be modelled using porous media study techniques.

 All of these areas related to porous media and their applications will be dealt with and discussed at this annual meeting, which will bring around 700 delegates to the venue, including international speakers of major relevance. This event will also generate over 2,800 overnight stays in the city as well as bringing 100 non-congress participants to the city of Valencia.