• 01/04/2006

3rd International Conference on
Victims of Terrorism

It was an intensive two-day conference featuring numerous lectures, round table discussions and presentations, but above all full of emotion, tears and also smiles. The 3rd International Conference on Victims of Terrorism held at the Valencia Conference Centre brought together over 700 participants, most of whom had suffered some terrorist attack, including not only ETA and 11 March attack victims but also others from London, USA, Colombia, Ireland etc. In this respect, Conference coordinator Cayetano González told ePALCO that "terrorism is not restricted to one country. All terrorist attacks are the same and so are their victims, hence the international dimension of this conference". The Prince of Asturias stated in his opening speech that terrorism remais the main threat worldwide, therefore "the whole of society owes you " the victims " permanent support". "It is you, the victims, who make our society strong", continued the Prince of Asturias "and provide an unswerving example to us all since, having suffered so much, you have never responded to violence with further violence.