• 03/08/2022

5 great reasons why you should choose Valencia


If you are reading this post, it is probably because you like the city and you are curious to know what you will find when you come to the Valencia Conference Centre for your event.

What can we tell you? We love our city, so it’s difficult for us to be objective. But what is objective is the various international rankings that have heaped praise on Valencia.

Valencia, European Capital of Smart Tourism 2022

Valencia was recognised with this award promoted by the European Union, for which there were 30 candidate cities from 16 countries. The projects undertaken by the city to promote smart tourism and the development of innovative, sustainable and inclusive tourism helped make Valencia the outright winner.

Among the categories taken into account, the jury highlighted its policy of development of the tourism sector under the watchwords of accessibility, sustainability, digitalisation, cultural heritage and creativity. 

Valencia, World Design Capital 2022

Our city boasts a long tradition of design and innovation. Historians highlight up to nine centuries of Valencian creativity, which is now reaching its zenith internationally. The International Design Organization chose a Spanish city for the first time.

Valencia achieves the title of World Design Capital 2022.

Valencia, again chosen as the healthiest city in the world

Our city sits right at the top of the healthiest cities in the world rankings published by Money.  The jury particularly appreciated its gastronomy, the climate, the musical and cultural heritage and a number of fundamental factors which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The city’s performance on obesity levels and pollution and life expectancy, safety, hours of sunlight and the accessibility of healthcare were among the most notable aspects. 

Valencia, a global reference in sustainability

One of the greatest factors in making the city one of the most sustainable on the planet is the sheer extension of parks and gardens in the city and the surrounding area, which currently stands at some five million square metres, as well as over 160 kilometres of bike lanes.

In its strategy of sustainable urban mobility, particularly noteworthy is the incorporation of hybrid and electric buses into the fleet of vehicles, and the city is a leader in sustainable food thanks to the creation of the World Sustainable Urban Food Centre (CEMAS), a joint initiative of Valencia City Council and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to raise awareness of the importance of a food culture that contributes to the protection of the environment.