5G-Valencia Conference Centre
  • 26/03/2019

5G technology, now a reality at the Valencia Conference Centre


To coincide with EuCNC 2019 (the European Conference on Networks and Communications) and the Global 5G Event (G5GE), the Valencia Conference Centre will be scaling up its mobile technology capacity through Orange to offer 5G-SA connectivity throughout these international events.

The Valencia Conference Centre will be able to offer the advantages of the new generation of super mobile broadband communications networks, bringing significant benefits to electronic devices. The selective deployment of the new cellular base stations installed by Orange in the immediate vicinity to cover this event will guarantee improvements in the capacity, performance and security of the permanent internet connection.

5G connectivity will enable users to enjoy new experiences with a noticeable increase in performance as well as bringing download speeds of 1Gbps. Latency will also decrease and certain devices can be intelligently prioritized over others.

In the words of the Chairman of the Organising Committee and Director of the Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications Institute (ITEAM), Narcís Cardona, "5G is now a reality at the Valencia Conference Centre. More than 1,000 experts from all over the world will be attending the EuCNC 2019 and the Global 5G Event. During the congress, live demonstrations of 5G technology will take place not only in the Conference Centre, but also in different parts of the city, putting Valencia at the forefront of technology."

Recently, the Mobile World Congress showcased how new mobile technology is set to revolutionise society, and the baton has now been handed over to the Valencia Conference Centre. The international events held at the Centre will be a meeting point for researchers and the world’s leading companies in the industry to discuss the benefits of 5G technology.

If you would like to see the presentation of the congress’ banners by the Deputy Mayor of Valencia, Sandra Gómez, and the Director of ITEAM, Narcís Cardona and his team, which was recently held outside the Centre’s main entrance, and symbolised the handing over the title of the world capital of 5G Technology to the city of Valencia, watch the video.

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