• 01/04/2007

A Centre without barriers

One of the first impressions one gets on approaching the Valencia Conference Centre is that of accessibility and lack of architectural barriers. The entrance to the building, devoid of stairs and with a good number of wide doors, is the first example of its full accessibility, both inside and out. All Centre accesses are specially de signed to allow people with disabilities or impaired mobility to move freely and independently in it. Its three plenary halls , locted on the ground floor of the building, have places reserved for wheel chairusers. Besides , they all have doors opening out to the street that runs round the back of the Centre for easy and direct access from vehicles if required . Access to the second floor small er or committee rooms is equally obstacle- free, straight from the lift and saving users the need to avoid obstacles such as small steps or sloping floors which may hinder wheel chair movement . Lifts, ramps, adapted toilets or doors wide enough to facilitate wheel chair access are necessary el ements to an accessible building. The Conference Centre has been de signed as a barrier free space with obstacle - free rooms.