• 01/12/2007

À la carte services

The Centre´s new integrated service consists of a wide range of services and is characterised by its flexibility and capacity for controlling every single detail and requirement in the development of an event. The services chosen are delivered using all the technical and humanre sources which guarantee an excellent delivery. The Centre has, a mong other assets, a highly qualified and experienced human team which constitutes its best guarantee for success : hostesses, interpreters , technicians , lighting and audiovisual specialists, camara operators , s ecurity staff, cleaners , medical assistance staff, photographers and many other professionals make sure all details are taken care of for perfect results . State-of-the art technology in the conference sector is also available at the Centre in order to meet the most demanding conditions and ensure efficient communication .

New audiovisual technologies enable the combination of lighting, images and sound to create an ideal environment for each type of event. And the Centre, well aware that the latest technologies are an essential part of any professional´s daily work, has incorporated the latest technical advances by means of a new communications system including telephone, data transmission and Internet through a highyield optic fibre net work which can be expanded and adapted to each set of circumstances. Thus, Internet access is achieved via a high- speed symmetrical line whicguarantees optimumre sults and provides a band width of 34 symmetrical MB ideal for videos treaming, video conferences , secure Internet connexion at the highest available speed etc. We are now able , for example , to provide the service which enables a personany where in the world to follow an event being held in Valencia, or instant availability of graphic and audiovisual materials .

Multimedia space : the simultaneous use of more than one means of communication , such as images, sound and text in the presentation of information is something the Centre is good at, after considerable investment in the latest multimedia technology whicprovides a wide range of technical options. Wifi space : The Conference Centre has had this novel Internet access wifi technology installed through out the building since 2003. This all ows any conference participant, exhibitor or visitor at the Centre to use his/her portable computeror PDA to send informatioor plug into Internet with out priorapplicatioor contract. Besides, the Centre provides two features which place it well a head of other similar venues: the possibility of setting up high speed computer networks any where on the premises and wifi connecting clients computers to our projectors without having to cable the halls. In order to shape projects and present products in a spectacular way, the Centre boasts a stand and exhibition element design and productio service, capable of making any imaginable elsentreal: from the simplest creations to complex carpentry or fibre glass stands guaranteed to render the product a real attraction. Simiarly, our set-up and decoration team is able to design any el ement required for an event, frofloral elements to the most demanding production.

At a plural space such as the Centre no language barriers exist that may hinder constant informatioexchange. The Conference Centre has a team of translators and interpreters specialising in the various jargons (medical, pharmaceutical, legal etc),who enable all visitors to speak the same language. The main halls have 10 simultaneous translation booths enabling translation from / into 10 different languages. Their optimum location at the highest point of each hall and large glass windows insulating them from noise, as well as the digital infrared system technology they are equipped with, enable interpreters to provide a realquality service to all conference participants. The Centre´s catering service provides a wi de variety of products and services to meet the catering needs arising from any type of event. A carefully selected and trained team ensures the success of any catering challenge. Besides, the Centre´s clients may advertise their conference free of char geat its web site calendar and main page.