• 01/12/2005

A versatile space

The variety of events heldat the Conference Centre sinceits opening in 1998 is proof of its versatility and its capacity for hosting international conferences , conventions , symposia or photogra phic reports what ever the proposal , there is a space for it at the Centre .

The Conference Centre has even beenabl e to bring Christmas to Valencia two months in advance : in October last, the well - known Christmas Lottery advert shooting team landed on the streets of the city and also visited the Centre . Baldy, as the main character in the famous advert is pop ularly known, played his part under film director Benito Zambrano. Set in the 1950s, a dozen cars surround the carous el where actor Clive Arrin dell who plays the famous luck dispenser stands . Over a hundred extras appear in the advert whose shooting took 5 days and involved various city loc a tions: as well as the Conference Centre , other scenes feature the Plaza del Ayuntamiento,main railway station and Plaza de la Reina.

Snow,the star of this advert , drew a white blanket over the area surrounding the Conference Centre ,where scenes were shot at dawn in order to avoid hindering daily traffic. Lottery baldy and the new Fiesta Clive Arrindell has been playing the Christmas Lottery spirit for six years .

This English actor does not give interviews and is not all owed to take partinany other publicity campaigns so as not to break the spell. Ever since he started advertising the draw, lottery sales have increased annually between 6.5% and 11.6%.

They say rubbing a ticket against his coat brings you luck . Me anwhile, the Conference Centre premises were also chosen for the photogra phic report on the new Ford Fiesta Brochure . Everything stays at home a car made in Valencia whose manu facturers believe in the marketing benefits accruing from the use of such a modern space as the Conference Centre.

Both these events have made the Valencia Conference Centre a favourite set for the shooting of publicity for any product wi shing to offer a modern image. There is no doubt of the Centre´s provenvers atility.