• 12/02/2020

All set? Behind the scenes at DVB World 2020!


We’re gearing up to host this international technology conference

The Valencia Conference Centre team has taken on board the content of this tech conference for the media industry and so we’re writing this post as if it were a TV programme.

Quiet in the studio please; let’s go!

The presenter looks at the teleprompter

Good morning. Today we’re looking at DVB World 2020, the international conference on the technological revolution of digital television to be held at the Valencia Conference Centre from 9 to 11 March.

After touring the main European capitals, this B2B event has chosen Valencia as its venue this year where the city’s Conference Centre will be the stage for the new trends in digital television. The conference’s Events Manager, Désirée Gianetti-Nötzli, has hailed the team’s speed and adaptation to her event: “The Centre’s facilities already meet most of our needs and it’s a stunning setting for our event that’s also just the right size.”

Hundreds of industry professionals, mainly from Europe and the United States (only 5% will be from Spain), including staff from broadcasters, network operators, service and technology providers, regulatory bodies and research centres will be reviewing the services and tools that use DVB’s standards for digital television transmission, metadata, security and interactivity.

Delegates will be sharing insights on how media consumption is changing and how user groups can be segmented not only by looking at age or income, but also by taking into account their values and how these impact on their media behaviour. There is a steady but continuous evolution towards a user-driven consumption environment.

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