• 15/01/2009

Audiences in Valencia are some of the
most appreciative

As soon as news came out that Andreu Buenafuente was going to perform in Valencia, the Conference Centre switchboard was jammed by people asking when tickets for the Terrat Pack Tour were going on sale. The stand-up comedian´s show also included monologues by three fellow comedians, Jordi Évole, Berto Romero and José Corbacho. It was not the first time Buenafuente had visited us, so after hanging up the "Sold Out" sign, we managed to ask him a few questions.

Why do you choose the Conference Centre as the venue for your shows in Valencia? It´s not the first time I´ve performed here and in fact I broadcast my television programme for the whole of Spain live from this building. Compared to other venues, the Conference Centre is a very pleasant, warm place which allows you to get very close to the audience and to see how people react.

And how do audiences in Valencia react? In my opinion, audiences in Valencia are some of the most appreciative. I think it´s because it was much more difficult to follow me when I was only on regional television in Catalonia. Being here with them is really good fun.

How did the idea of performing monologues come about? Well, basically, since we weren´t busy enough making the television programme, we decided we needed to work a bit harder? (laughter). It all came about because we thought a project like this would be very popular and so far, it has been. Although it´s work, we do it because we enjoy it.

And when do you relax? We don´t really, to tell you the truth. Even though we´re not on tour every weekend, what with the television programmes and these shows there´s not much free time left. With their usual wit, Buenafuente and his team entertained almost three thousand people who saw them perform their monologues live.