• 28/01/2020

Breakthroughs in diabetes in the spotlight


This conference is a leading event for endocrinologists, internists, GPs, cardiologists and nephrologists

The 14th Meeting on Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition, run by the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) and the Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition Group at the Spanish Internal Medicine Foundation (FEMI), is the preeminent medical conference in the sector and will be held on 30-31 January at the Valencia Conference Centre.

This year, SEMI has chosen Valencia and our building.

It is a multidisciplinary event at which endocrinologists, internists, GPs, cardiologists and nephrologists will be meeting with experts from Spain and abroad, giving presentations and taking part in panel discussions including ‘The role of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) in type 2 diabetes’, ‘Obesity’, ‘Diabetes and heart failure’, ‘Diabetes and infections’ and the ‘Guide to Nutrition by Disease in Internal Medicine’. The use of insulin in hospitals will also be examined and the future American Diabetes Society 2020 guidelines will be discussed. In the field of obesity, the experts will voice their commitment to considering this health problem as a disease and will discuss new nutritional aspects in relation to diabetes.