• 01/07/2007

Buenafuente from the Centre

For a few days, one of the main halls of the Valencia Conference Centre became the excepcional set of one of Antena 3´s "Buenafuente" programmes. Catalan comedian Andreu Buenafuente directed, for three consecutive days, his peculiar night show with special guests Nuria Roca, Chimo Bayo, Antonio Carmona and Coti. The deployment of technical and human resources was impressive; over 70 professionals including scriptwriters, technicians, prop and make-up specialists, actors etc, plus several mobile TV units, turned the Conference Centre into a one-week Buenafuente set. The set was a replica of the one used at its ordinary Barcelona studio, though with some Valencian "touches. "Buenafuente" has always been popular amongst Valencian viewers, with an audience level second only to that of Catalonia.