• 01/04/2006

Businesses choose the Conference

Numerous national and international businesses find the Valencia Conference Centre an ideal venue for their conventions, meetings and conferences. This undeniably proves that the Conference Centre is equipped with the resources required for the successful completion of such events. Its spaces adapt to each client´s needs and there is a space for each client to feel at home. The Conference Centre provides excellent facilities and a team of professionals for the organization of any event, in the best environment and with the most up-to-date technology.

During the first quarter of 2006 the Valencia Conference Centre has welcomed thousands of business employees. On 7 January Yudigar, a firm which provides business equipment, shelving and furniture, held its national convention. This firm, founded in Zaragoza in 1978, has 12 offices in Spain and many others in different countries. Mutua General de Seguros held its 37th annual convention at the Conference Centre on 16 January. Founded in 1907,Mutua General de Seguros has 136 offices and 322 agencies distributed in 12 geografic Areas.

Valencian firm Mercadona brought its suppliers together on 23 January to present a balance of last year`s results. In 2005 Mercadona carried out a major project of research and cooperation with its suppliers, which has implied the renovation of many of its products. In this respect, it is interesting to point out the setting up of the Mercadona Innovation Awards, voted by the company`s suppliers, which this year was given to the best of the five competing innovation projects: that presented by SCA,which involved the flattening of paper by extracting surplus air from cellulose products; this has achieved the reduction of lorry circulation by 1,800 and use of 1,200 tonnes of carboard "the equivalent of 17,000 trees" per year.

On 26 January lorry company Scania Hispania held its post-sales convention at the Conference Centre, bringing together all of its sales staff.

On 28 February the 6th meeting of the managers and technical staff of cement producing companies was held. On 1 March, the Organising Committee of the Year of Volunteer Work in the Valencia Region organised a one-day meeting attended by 400 participants.

Another important convention was that held on 7 March by CESCE, a firm whose major partners are the Spanish administration and the main banks and insurance companies in Spain. Its social aim is to underwrite the risk of non-payment which may be derived from the sales of companies products and services, both in domestic and international markets. Finally, TNT, European leading courier express,logistics and cargo company in the Business to Business sector held its national convention at the Conference Centre on 23 March.