• 01/04/2007

Conference Centre nooks and crannies

The Conference Centre is as versatile as the specific needs of each event require . This is largely due to the great variety of spaces and rooms available in the building: three plenary halls, nine committee rooms , one cafeteria, two multipurpose rooms (restaurants), one VIP room , one press room, three organiser offices, two lecturer offices and ten permanent simultaneous translation cabins. Large spaces are fitted with small details which are part of the structure of the building.

Each of the above spaces has been designed to meet specific needs those of event or ganisers using our premises. Thus, all three plenary halls are used for holding major events such as conferences , and they provide users with a special bonus : they are just one floor below our committee rooms, capable of seating 440 participants altogether, where large groups can be broken up for closer contact or specific needs. These are used for holding smaller meetings, seminars or work shops . Light, just another element On opening the doors out of any of the three ground floor auditoria we come into the Light and spaciousness of the Foyer, an open-plan obby bathed in natural light which has become one of the building´s points of reference . The auditoria are on one side, and on the other the views afforded by its huge glass windows. The harm ony created by asequence of sun screens set on the glass façade to reduce heating in the exhibition area is particularly suitable for a coffee break or light snack after a morning´s work in one of the Centre´s three plenary halls.