• 01/07/2006

Delicious trends

Traditional recipes have been turned upside down changing temperatures, textures and the nature of products to provide a new version of them. Research and innovation are the order of the day and new recipes are created where the best of traditional native cuisine is combined with dishes from other cultures.

Traditional flavours and simple presentations which give precedence to the food itself are back. Even the most basic dishes may be presented with elegance. Simplicity and tradition go together, avoiding over-decoration and elaborate dishes.

The current trend of offering healthy and very fresh food brings forward the attractions of Japanese dishes. Sushi are an excellent option: healthy, easy to eat and elegantly presented. But Japanese cuisine has a lot to offer beyond raw fish. For example, delicious "robata", a mixture of meat and fish on a skewer, cooked on a traditional "Bincho-tan" barbecue, which may be served directly from the latter or on trays.

When holding an event or meeting, the traditional and the modern combine to produce light and more consistent dishes to satisfy the various tastes of the participant groups. One of the advantages of snack-type receptions is the variety they afford. A good display includes 10 to 20 different elements presenting a range of forms, textures and colours. Good food is important and an attractive presentation is even more so. Both presentation and service are undergoing major changes. People like to experience new textures and appearances. Traditional petits-fours served in silver trays are no longer satisfactory. The Valencia Conference Centre, in fulfilment of its aim to provide high quality services, uses Gourmet Paradís for its catering and restaurant services. Paradís is a catering group with over 25 years´ experience in the organisation of large receptions, conferences, business banquets and other social and private events both in Spain and abroad.

Whether by creating an intimate and exclusive atmosphere or organising a large event, the Centre organises our clients´ meals to meet their requirements. Our menus combine local products with some from other countries, thus providing surprising taste and visual notes and introducing a breath of fresh and renewed air into a line of traditional dishes. The Valencia Conference Centre boasts a variety of spaces in different shapes and sizes to suit any culinary event. The first- and second-floor reception rooms look out onto the main entrance and main hall through their large windows: two large, open and bright rooms affording the space and means to host a wide variety of events and celebrations.

The main hall is no doubt one of the most attractive and lively areas in the Centre. This wide open space over 1,000 sq.m. in surface turns each moment into a great event: cocktail parties, dinners with live entertainment, pre-lunch drinks, coffee breaks your options are as varied as our resources, our solutions as numerous as your suggestions.