• 04/12/2018

“Blind” breakfast at the Valencia Conference Centre


The Spanish National Organisation for the Blind (ONCE) is holding a "blind" breakfast to present the lottery ticket commemorating the Valencia Conference Centre's 20th anniversary, the draw for which will be held on 11th December.

Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of a blind person and tried to do something you do every day? This is the challenge that guests will be facing at a meeting to be held on 5th December at the Conference Centre and which will serve as the backdrop for the presentation of the lottery ticket commemorating the Conference Centre’s 20th Anniversary, the draw for which will be held on 11th December.

The picture of the Conference Centre will appear throughout Spain on five and a half million lottery tickets, the draw for which will coincide with the Centre's Anniversary Gala, which will be paying tribute to the work of its ambassadors in promoting the venue's activities.

This initiative is part of the building's social responsibility initiatives, which run parallel to its meeting activities. The shift towards promoting partnership agreements with social and charity organisations, such as the National Organisation for the Blind (ONCE) and the Spanish Cancer Association, has boosted the Centre’s involvement in charitable causes that add value to society and has become one of the key factors in its policies.

In turn, the work of the ONCE, thanks to its daily lottery tickets, enables over 74,000 people (children and adults) to achieve full integration in society, enhancing their personal autonomy and offering specialised care and a wide range of social services.

The ONCE's lottery tickets are sold by its 20,000 sales agents. As always, thanks to the point of sale terminals they use, customers can choose their favourite number. In addition, tickets can also be purchased on the official ONCE lottery website (www.juegosonce.es), and from authorised partner establishments.