• 04/12/2018

The Valencia Conference Centre celebrates its 20th anniversary gala with its ambassadors

The Valencia Conference Centre was opened in 1998, and has since become one of the most important conference and business meeting points in the world, thanks to a group of Valencian professionals and their tireless dedication.

 In these 20 years of hard work, the Conference Centre has succeeded in hosting more than 2,700 events, attracting over two million visitors who have generated €1.1 billion for the city, over 36 times the amount it cost to build the venue.

 These magnificent results are the icing on the cake for the team of professionals that work at the Conference Centre, and for the tireless dedication of the venue's ambassadors who, alongside the Conference Centre's staff, have helped make the candidacies possible. This is why, on 11th December, the Centre wants to celebrate these 20 years of success together with its more than 500 ambassadors.

 One of the objectives of this gala is to pay tribute to the more than 500 ambassadors with whom the Centre works. Since it was set up, the Ambassadors Club has won a total of 270 candidacies, which have not only benefited the Valencia Conference Centre, but have also helped the city as a whole, growing Valencia as a congress destination year after year.

 The 20th Anniversary Gala is an event which brings with it many reasons to celebrate and drink a toast: to 20 years of success, culminating in the AIPC's World's Best Convention Centre award, for the second time; to the outstanding achievements of the staff which are one of the qualities that the ambassadors most appreciate; to the ambassadors themselves and their tireless efforts in proposing candidacies in the city, and finally, to the future.