• 07/04/2014

EURAM 2014

From 4th to 7th of June, EURAM 2014 will take place in the Valencia Conference Centre, a unique building conceived as a melting pot for the exchange of knowledge and be deserving of a wide the very best service, environment and space requirement in an exclusive, purpose-built venue variety of awards.

In a context characterised by unceasing trends of globalisation, acceleration of technological change, struggling financial markets, social transformations and increasing prominence of knowledge and innovation, firms are compelled to achieve and sustain very high levels of competitiveness.

EURAM 2014 is aimed to be a forum for dialogue about how management research and education, by itself and in combination with other disciplines, can contribute to the enhancement of new waves and winds of strategic leadership that will stimulate a balanced and sustainable view of competitiveness in our societies.

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