• 27/03/2010

Festival of Media returns

Following the success of last year´s event, the Festival of Media´s organisers have once again selected the Valencia Conference Centre as the venue for the world´s major media creativity and innovation event, which is now in its fourth year. As in last year´s event, the 2010 Festival of Media, which will be held in April, will bring together executives from leading media groups, major advertisers, and the best copywriters and strategists from advertising agencies.

This year, the Festival of Media will focus on four separate areas that aim to tackle the major challenges and opportunities facing the industry as it emerges from the global recession and plans for a better future. 94 speakers will be taking part in the event which will be attended by representatives from 45 countries.

1. Inspiring leadership: This will focus on brands and companies that have survived and prospered through the recession and that are now experiencing growth. It will look into the issue of emerging markets and the changes that brands are undergoing.
2. Integration: The battle between new and traditional media channels has begun. This area will examine how multi-channel, multi-disciplinary channels should be approached.
3. Pioneers and Innovators: Some people, and some companies, make you stand back and think "brilliant, brilliant, brilliant". Innovation at this year´s festival focuses on these people and their ideas.
4. Recession and Recovery: This will examine how the recession has changed the industry, what customers and agencies now want, and the role of procurement managers.
Festival of Media