• 26/10/2021

Five types of attractions for your congress’ social events in Valencia


After a day of conferences and talks, everyone needs to relax, recharge their batteries, spend time with their colleagues and make the most of the moments and places that the destination city has to offer. Valencia has a huge variety of leisure activities and amazing things to do and see, which are perfect for the social events of a congress or conference. However, the capital city of Valencia is much more than just a great destination. Valencia is history. It is nature. It is sustainable. It is culture. It is Mediterranean. It is unique cuisine. It is a breathtaking sunset. It is a walk along the beach and seashore, or a run in the riverbed gardens.

Valencia and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of activities to create a social events programme tailored to the needs of each organiser. At the Valencia Conference Centre, we are well aware that social events are a key part of any congress, as they condition the delegates experience in one way or another, beyond the expectations of their congress’ scientific programme.

This is why we would like to suggest different attractions and ideas for the social side of your congress.


A healthy, sustainable attraction

The former Turia riverbed is now a huge 10 km long garden which includes the “Turia Gardens' 5k Circuit”, a purpose-built 5,731-metre running track. This unique circuit is ideal for organising a charity run or walk, or a quick race among congress participants, who will be amazed at the vast expanse of gardens in the heart of the city.


A wealth of cultural attractions

Valencia is full of culture and museums where you can lose yourself in art and lose track of time in buildings filled with history. There are many options, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, where visitors will find examples of Botticelli’s Renaissance and Sorolla's Impressionism side by side, as well as the only universally accepted self-portrait of Diego Velázquez, the Baroque artist who painted Las Meninas.


Historical attractions

The Valencia Conference Centre, with the help of Visit Valencia, can suggest and organise tours to show visitors the different periods in the city's history. You can revisit Valencia when it was part of the Roman Empire during the reign of Augustus with a visit to the Almoina Archaeological Museum and its Roman forum and curia or discover the Almirante baths in a Mudejar building dating from the 14th century. The Silk Exchange, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Serrano Towers, one of the city's most iconic landmarks are another couple of attractions that are a must on any visitors’ list.


A natural attraction

The Albufera Natural Park is just 10 km outside the city. This unique setting is the perfect spot to see a breathtaking sunset, enjoy a boat ride and switch off from the world in this urban oasis surrounded by rice fields and forests. At the Valencia Conference Centre, we also want you to get an insight into the most sustainable, nature-rich part of the city.


A culinary attraction

There are some must-try dishes when you come to Valencia. Thanks to the cuisine on offer during your event at the Conference Centre you will already have discovered some of these local delicacies, but for a complete culinary experience, we suggest you sample the red pepper and fish salads known as esgarraet and titaina and the all i pebre fish stew with garlic and paprika, which you can enjoy in the Cabanyal district of the city.

As you can see Valencia has many attractions and a lot to offer. These are just a few ideas, but we have many more, including sustainable options and teambuilding cultural activities which can be tailored to different schedules and requirements. We can guarantee a wide range of emotions and unique experiences that will complement the knowledge you have gained in our building during your congress.