• 01/07/2006

Four major events

The Queen Musical, the Peace Bells, the Aranjuez Concert and Carmina Burana are but four of the performances hosted by the Centre in the last few months. From 4 to 9 April, thousands of people vibrated to the sound of the Queen Musical "We will rock you", a journey through time without leaving the stage. Another successful performance was "The Peace Bells" by the Hubei Ballet (The Music and Dance Theatre Company), who surprised the world at the closing of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and will do so again at the Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony. This is a show depicting the great traditions of Eastern culture through music, danceand countless other details. Rodrigo´s Aranjuez Concert was performed at the Centre on 5 May, and those attending Carmina Burana were able to enjoy Carl Orff´s major work.