• 01/12/2006

Gianluigi Colalucci

Fifty-six years dedicated to restoration is a long time . All the experience acquired by this restorer and form er head of restoration of the Vatican Museums was duly transmitted by him during the herita gerestoration conference held by UNESCO at the Conference Centre . His professional relati onship with Valencia so far includes the work carried out on the dome of the Virgen de los Desamparados Basilica and the current process of recovery of the freso paintings at the Santos Juanes Church , both in coopera ti on with Valencian restorer Pilar Roig. He explained to ePALCO his interest in our city, "there are many reasons for my affinity with Valencia , I am currently giving a PhD course at Valencia Polytechnic University and have worked on several restoration projects here".Colalucci , awarded an Honoris Causa doctora te by Valencia Polytechnic University, singled out the restoration of La Lonja amongst those carried out in the Valencia artistic and heritage , "it is very well made" and stressed the need for politicians in power to promote heritage conservation , keeping in mind the import ance of private support :"Restoration is a very expensive operation and public money is not always available or sufficient . For instance , a Japanese TV channel provided financial support to the restoration of the Six tine Chapel fresco paintings by means of a peculiar type of cooperation : they acquired the Chapel TV broadcasting rights", the restorer added . Thislatter work , he said, changed his whole life , "Everyone knows who I am thanks to my work on the Six tine Chapel paintings".