• 22/06/2012

Improving mental health and emotional well-being

"Psychotherapy: Improving mental health and emotional well-being in Europe "

The Valencia Conference Centre will hold the XVIII European Congress of Psychotherapy organized by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Psychotherapists in collaboration with the European Association for Psychotherapy.

The rapid social change in many European countries has been accompanied by an increase in bad mental health: Medical and Educational Services, work place analysis and households give plenty of testimony. The deterioration of mental health and emotional well-being is the cause of almost a quarter of the entire load of health problems, it is claimed to be the second cause of death after cardiovascular deseases, in Europe.

The congress wants to propose as a common platform for an open debate about different ways and modalities in Psychotherapy. The search for improvement and new intervention techniques put Psychotherapy, with its different modalities and orientations , in the very focus of the modern society.

Apart from presenting outstanding new work about practice and research in psychotherapy, the congress program will include references to the 5 dimensions that the EU proposes as essential in the struggle for excellent mental health: Prevention of depression and suicide, Mental Health in Youth and Education, Mental Health in Workplace. Settings, Mental Health of Older People, Combating Stigma and Social Exclusion.

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