• 01/05/2008

In search of talent

The popular Spanish television programme Tienes Talento (Got Talent) chose the Valencia Conference Centre to organise the casting to select the participants for the first series of the competition.

A total of 2,000 hopefuls, most of them young people, passed through the conference centre over three days to show what they could do. Singers, dancers, acrobats and comedians from the Valencian Region came in search of a chance to take part in the programme presented by Nuria Roca and Eduardo Aldán, which was won by the young flamenco singer Salva Rodríguez. Thanks to the excellent acoustics, versatility and technological equipment available, the Conference Centre has become the ideal venue in which to host castings. In previous years the Centre has hosted castings for the Spanish TV programme Operación Triunfo (Fame Academy), which has used the venue on six occasions.