• 08/11/2012

International Citrus Congress (ICC 2012)

The Valencia COnference Centre will hold the 12th International Citrus Congress (ICC 2012) organized by the International Society of Citriculture (ISC) from November 18th-23th, 2012, under the theme ´Citrus and Health´.

Citrus have a long history in Spain. Citron was introduced in the V century, sour orange and lemons in the X century, pummelos in the XIII century, sweet oranges in the XV century and mandarins in the XIX century. Today Spain has 330.000 hectares of citrus, with a production of 6.3 million tons, with sweet orange representing 48%, mandarins 35% and lemons 16%. Spain is the first exporting country of fresh fruit, with more than 50% of the production being commercialized abroad.

The congress will have plenary and ordinary sessions, workshops and poster display, addressing every issue and specialization of citrus and will be an excellent forum to establish new links and collaborations among participants.

For further information please Visit the official website.