• 30/10/2019

Investment drive makes the Conference Centre more competitive


The Conference Centre’s Board of Directors approves next year’s budget 

The Valencia Conference Centre is to allocate €2.25 million to new investment to make it more competitive. The outlay will be funded equally by Valencia City Council and by the Centre. This continues the approach taken over the last four years in which the City Council has driven €2.5 million in investment in the Conference Centre largely to maintain the building’s leading position, enhance its technological potential with the latest innovations and deliver world-class facilities for the discerning MICE tourism industry.

The 2020 budget and action plan which were approved today include replacing the 2,000 seats and the carpets in the building’s main auditoriums.

As for the organisation’s financial situation, a key factor is the increase in the Conference Centre’s creditworthiness since August 2019 due to having paid off its loans.

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