• 01/04/2007

Julio Bocca farewell

After 27 exciting years at the top, Argentinian dancer Julio Bocca is retiring from the stage. This seems to be a well meditated decision . Far from the cepticism usually su rrounding official retirements , Bocca sounds convinced: I want to retire while I am at the top. I have always been certain I would do it on reaching forty and the moment has now come. During the press conference he gave at the Conference Centre where he also gave his farewell performance in Valencia on 1 March Bocca explained his reasons for retiring, There are things I have always wanted todo and never have done for lack of time. Besides, I would rather not work under pressure, and chatted happily about the show which is taking him and the Argentinian Ballet , his company for the last 15 years, on a farewell tour of the world . Adiós hermano cruelis an adaptation of John Ford´s Tis Pity She´s a Whore. During his talk with Valencian journ alists Bocca told of his experiences and feelings . After a long international career which all owed him to meet some of the world´s major ballet stars , Bocca feels proud of having made ballet a popular art in Argentina and gained people´s affection.