• 24/01/2019

The latest breakthroughs in cancer research to be discussed at the Conference Centre


On 8th-9th February, leading cancer research and treatment experts are to gather at the Conference Centre to address issues ranging from recent developments concerning the pathology to its most human aspects.

The three provincial boards of the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC in its Spanish acronym) are organising the first Regional Congress of People with Cancer and their Relatives at the Valencia venue. This meeting brings together leading cancer experts including Ana Lluch, Vicente Guillem, Adela Cañete and Antonio Llombart Cussac to address all aspects of the pathology. They will be joined at the sessions by public health specialists, researchers, psychologists, nutritionists and nurses.

The Congress is designed to help towards normalising the illness in the community by starting a conversation, dispelling false beliefs and showing the hazards of “alternative sciences”. Research will also feature prominently in the panel discussions held as part of the event’s programme where the latest discoveries in the field are to be set out for attendees.

This event is additionally aimed at people undergoing cancer processes along with their relatives and will include patient testimonies, training in skincare and for caregivers, cognitive stimulation and other satellite activities.

It is expected to attract over a thousand people in total and registration is completely free on its website (congresoaeccomunidadvalenciana.es).

The Conference Centre has helped organise the Congress under its partnership agreement with the AECC by providing its organisers with the facilities they need to run activities. This support is part of the Centre’s shift towards increasing social awareness, which in terms of the Spanish Cancer Association has included handing out bib numbers in recent years for the “Valencia against Cancer” charity run which attracted more than 10,000 participants last time round. The venue has also hosted the presentation of the RunCancer Circuit which has raised €309,135 for cancer research grants over the last year.