Les Luthiers
  • 02/01/2019

Les Luthiers to appear at the Conference Centre in “Viejos Hazmerreíres”


Les Luthiers will arrive in Valencia straight from Ecuador to present their latest show “Viejos Hazmerreíres” in Spain on a tour which kicked off on 9th May at the Astengo Theatre in Rosario, Argentina.

Carlos López Puccio, Jorge Maronna, Marcos Mundstock, Horacio Tato Turano, Martín O’Connor and Tomás Mayer-Wolf make up this amazing group which from 1st-3rd March 2019 will pack out the Valencia Conference Centre’s main auditorium for three unique performances.

In 2019, Les Luthiers are scheduled to call in at Mar del Plata in Argentina and Guayaquil and Quito in Ecuador, while in Spain they have dates in Valencia, Barcelona, Seville and Madrid for their latest and long-awaited comedy.

The Valencia Conference Centre has been hosting the legendary shows by this group of musicians, actors and comics who are extremely popular in Argentina, Spain and all over Latin America since 2001. “Todo por que Rías”, “Las Obras de Ayer”, “Lutherapia” and “Chist” have all exceeded the expectations of a loyal fan base which year after year eagerly looks forward to a new performance. To mark the Conference Centre’s 20th anniversary, Les Luthiers sent warm greetings to their Valencia audience which you can listen to here.

After 50 years on the boards making spectators roar with laughter, in 2017 the group won the Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities presented by King Felipe VI. It is one of the numerous honours they have received which include the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence, the Max Awards for the Performing Arts, and the Martín Fierro, Santa Clara de Asís and Florencio Sánchez prizes.

After the painful loss of Daniel Rabinovich, one of their founding members, in 2015, and Carlos Núñez Cortés’s retirement in 2017, both of them highly respected artists, the current line-up have been able to get back to their usual successes and continue to fill top venues around the world.