• 01/04/2007

Mercedes-Benz presents its new
Class C at the Conference Centre

over a thousand international motor journalists have been to the Conference Centre in March this year, attending the international presentation of Mercedes - Benz´s new Class C. The motor company, one of the major sector representatives, chose the Conference Centre to present this new model to the specialist press. This was not a random choice , as the Centre´s versatility and organisational experience render it an ideal venue for great events. Journalists from all over the globe metat the Centre to check for thems elves the quality of the Stuttgart manu facturer´s new model. A exclusive and personalised presentation including test driving all owed specialist journalists to ascertain the characteristics and performance of the new Mercedes Class C.

Two intensive days After a welcome at Manises airport by Mercedes personnel , journalists were taken to the specially equipped Valencia Conference rooms: two of its spacious multipurpose rooms were decorated in an avant garde style to become the perfect place for Mercedes guests to receive all the necessary information on its new vehicle in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoying an exclusive catering service. The arrivals area was located in one of these rooms, and that was where invited journalists had at their disposal all the details in traditional as well as latest generation audiovisual medium. Subsequently, test driving was carried out on several routes along the Valencian Mediterranean coast and after staying the night at exclusive Westin Real de Faula Hotel, journalists returned to base at the Conference Centre. Here another multipurpose room served as departures area where guests were invited to enjoy the exquisite catering service in excellent surroundings in order to get their strength back .