• 28/03/2019

‘Michael’s Legacy’ brings a tribute to Michael Jackson to the Valencia Conference Centre


This homage to Michael Jackson is backed by his Spanish Fan Club as ‘the best musical show about the King of Pop today’.

‘Michael’s Legacy’ brings to the Valencia Conference Centre the first tribute to the American singer to feature the show concept he used on his tours. It is a large-scale musical for all audiences which will be coming to Valencia following dates at leading theatres around Spain.

The tour has been created by the Jackson Dance Company and stands out for its painstaking set design, exact replicas of the original songs and an almost twenty-strong artistic group including dancers, actors, singers, engineers and Michael Jackson impersonator Ximo Jackson. Ximo has an uncanny ability to convey the messages the artist transmitted in his performances along with an extraordinary physical resemblance.

Ximo Jackson was born in Valencia and has been a steadfast fan of the King of Pop since he was a child. As a result, his first imitations of the star have been transformed over the years into part of his persona. Starting when he was five, he played his idol in dance competitions and contests and won a wide variety of prizes at an early age. After turning 18, he decided to make his hobby into his job and has done countless concerts throughout Spain and abroad.

The Jackson Dance Company has created this large-scale musical show for all audiences and appeared with it on Spanish TV programmes including “TÚ SI QUE VALES”, “EL HORMIGUERO” and ”KILLER KARAOKE”. As the Company puts it, Ximo Jackson ‘depicts his great idol with feeling, respect, diligence and admiration on the finest stages of our country’.

Tickets can be bought online at https://www.ticketmaster.es/event/16187 and also at Fnac, Carrefour and Halcón Viajes.