• 01/12/2005

Not just for shows...

It is a pleasant surprise to see that the managem ent and strict quality policy consistently maintained by the Conference Centre are ack now ledged beyond prizes by the interest shown by companies in presenting their latest productions at a venue which had originally not been designed for stage or other sector professionals.

However, the Valencia Conference Centre daily increases its possibilities to provide new services on top of its ordinary conference activity. During the last quarter of this year, productions as varied as the original percussion and dance Mayumaná show, musical Merlin, the return of Ma - gic (a show offered by BMW car manufacturers to its clients) or a concert by Joaquín Sabina have been scheduled.

The ethnic and urban rhythms of Israeli group Mayumaná inundated the Centre´s main hall, which wel comed a varied audienceto a show arrived in Valencia in the wake of resounding international success captivated a varied audience of over 30,000 throughout the 21 performances held in late September and early October.

Mounting the première of musical show Merlin, the return of Magic, starred by José Lifante and including a 30-strong cast, was a particularly complex task. The characteristics of this break away musical truly te sted the funcion ality of the Centre´s premises and equipment. The fact that it was a first performance added to the difficulties of mounting a huge show which would have chall enged the capabilities of far more experienced venue or ganisers. It certainly did so to the Centre staff, thanks to whose hard work the expectations of the company were amplyfulfilled .

At the same time, other -far more intimistevents had also been scheduled . Thus , son gwriters Lluís Llach and Ventura Feliufilled the Centre with their music at the presentation of their joint new work "Que no sapague la llum" in early November, and two weeks later a tribute to Glenn Miller and his famous Big Band brought together Valencia quality jazz fans. As far as shows are con cerned, December started with two massively atten ded concerts by Joaquín Sabina as part of the promotion tour of his latest work Alivio de Luto, which breaks the three - year silen ce since his previous studio record had been published.

Other performances will be heldat the Valencia Conference Centre before the end of December. First of all, the main hall will host the Choir, Ballet and Orchestra of the Russian Army. Tow a rds the end of the month, a number of high quality events will a gain confirm the Valencia Conference Centre as one of the main attractions in the city: the Grease Tourmusical concert, based on the soundtrack of the well - known film starred by John Travolta and Olivia Newton- John, will be followed by the spiritu alrhythms of gospel music and a gala concert as a tribute to the Strauss brothers the latest example of the variety of events for which the Valencia Conference Centre is an ideal venue.