• 01/12/2005

...other events at the Centre

Conference, conventions and meetings have taken place throughout the last few months at the Conference Centre. The 5th Spanish Conference on Work Medicine and Nursing was held (amongothers) in October, and the 4th Conferenceon Pharmace utical Care, the 8th National Conference on Education and Management, the 2005 International AIDIMA Conference, the 6th ADIRM (Development Research and Magnetic Resonance Association) Conference and the 6th Euro - Mediterranean Business Summit were all held in November. Various business conventions, such as that of Banco de Valencia, the presentation of a new perfume to be distributed by Mercadona and the national Telefónica Group convention were also hosted by the Centre.

Other important events will take place in December, such as the 3rd Economics Conference of the Valencia Region and the Transplanted Patients Association Meeting.