• 17/07/2019

Our best July ever


With more than 15,000 overnight stays by delegates from over 50 countries, this month is the most international July in our history

Why will it stick in our memory?

July this year will be remembered for holding the record for international conferences lasting an average of four days per event and resulting in 15,233 overnight stays, which will have a significant social and economic impact on the city.

Plus these figures come during this month in the middle of summer when conference centre business usually drops off until mid-September when the MICE season resumes.

These positive numbers for the Valencia Conference Centre and the city are the outcome of the international take-off we have seen over the last four years. Since 2016 we have increased our operations by 50% and our international business has doubled.

At the beginning of the month, we hosted the GeeksHubs CTO Summit designed to encourage major international companies and start-ups to join the trend of tech firms setting up in Valencia as a cradle of technological talent. Then a few days later the 22nd International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation and the Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves kicked off. It was the first time the event had come to Spain and the city chosen to host it was Valencia. Over a thousand astronomers, astrophysicists and physicists from more than 50 countries examined gravitational waves, the key to exploring the origins of the Universe.

The third conference to be held this month in our building will be the Controlled Released Society Annual Meeting and Exposition where the latest advances in bioengineering, drug administration, consumer and diversified products and veterinary science are to be presented. And as the culmination of this unique month in our history, the SIP-IOBC 2019 on invertebrate pathology and microbial control is to begin on 28 July.

And there’s still more...

July is our anniversary month and the month of many of the accomplishments we have achieved since we started out in 1998. Last year, also in July and coinciding with our 20th anniversary, the AIPC (International Association of Convention Centres) presented us for the second time (the first was in 2010) with the award for the World’s Best Convention Centre, the highest international recognition a conference venue can attain.