• 01/05/2009

Our commitment to sustainability produces positive results

The Valencia Conference Centre (VCC) has been developing a strategy for sustainable development and respect for the environment since it opened and this strategy was consolidated in 2008. This was achieved through the installation and start-up of a photovoltaic roof which is unique in a building of this kind. The roof has produced over 170,000 kWh of energy during the 7 months it has been operating. This has avoided the emission of over 90 tonnes of CO2 which would have required over 30,000 trees to absorb it. Over the ten years that the Valencia Conference Centre has been open, commitment to the environment has been a constant concern and various measures have been implemented which have led to a decrease in the amount of energy consumed. Over 1,000,000 kWhof energy have been saved compared to the amount of energy that would have been used had these measures not been taken. The introduction of efficient energy policies has led to savings of over 94,000 euros per year, with total savings of almost 700,000 euros. As a result of the energy generated by the new roof and the income received from its sale, savings will increase significantly to reach 250,000 euros per year.