• 25/05/2015

Oxygen Club of California World Congress 2015

The Oxygen Club of California World Congress 2015 (OCC) will be held at the Valencia Conference Centre from in June 24-26, 2015.

As for previous meetings the OCC has developed a program covering cutting edge science with an internationally recognized group of outstanding speakers. This is a joint meeting with major recognized research organizations, i.e. The Spanish Group for Research on Free Radicals, The Portuguese Group of Free Radicals, and Le Societe Francaise de Recherches sur les Radicaux Libres. Also supported by the Society for Free Radical Research International.

The congress will includes the following sessions: Nutrients, Oxygen Biology, and Medicine; Redox Signaling in Inflammation; Aging and Longevity; Redox Biology in Vascular Disease; Redox Biology in Neurodegenerative Diseases

The complete scientific program is available at the official website