• 01/12/2006

Research awards

The Pfizer Foundation held its annual prizegiving ceremony at the Conference Centre . The prizes acknowl edge the work of those professionals and organisations that have contributed most to the promotion of health and the prevention of diseases in order to achieve healthy agingin Spanish society. During this seventh prizegiving ceremony the Pfizer Foundation also presented its new corporate image. The main objective of the prizes is not just to acknowled ge the work of journalists and media but also to promote a positive change in social attitudes based on the transmission of public awareness of health - related matters . During the ceremony, attended by Regional Health Minister Rafael Blasco, prizes were awarded in the categories of basic and clinical research " the most veteranones as they are on their seventh year ", social commitment and journalism (including written press and radio ) . Journalists from Medical Journal , E poca and SER, the Blas Méndez Ponce Foundation and the research teamsled by María Blasco and José María Pego were awarded their prizes in the various categories at the Conference Centre on account of the close relation ship between the Foundation and the Valencia Region where a number of its projects are currently being carried out .