• 01/07/2007

Spectacular success of stand-up
comedian Andrés López

The show "La pelota de las letras" (The letter ball) captivated an audience of hundreds who attended at the Conference Centre last May. It was a three-hour "laughing therapy" session whose appreciation by the audience was shown by constant warm applause for author Andrés López. In 2006 Andrés López was nominated as one of the 40 main young characters in Colombian history. Successful "La pelota de las letras" has managed to portray more clearly than any other monologue a humorous inside view of every Colombian and Latin American generation. The show, first performed in 2004, is the most popular comedy in Colombia and one of the most successful ones in Latin America, so far enjoyed by over 400,000 people from 10 different countries. In Spain Andrés López has presented his show in impressive venues such as the Valencia Conference Centre, the Teatro Capitol in Madrid, the Apolo in Barcelona, the Ayala in Bilbao and the Romea in Murcia. This tour, together with that of Argentinian group Les Luthiers who performed at the Centre in 2001 and 2005 and intend to do so again next October is the widest ranging of all those carried out by a Latin American comedian in Spain.

A commitment to society Andrés López has always been committed to social causes in Colombia and has accordingly performed in numerous fund-raising events. He is also an active member of the Commission of Citizens for Human Rights.