• 01/07/2007

The Centre brings together plastic
surgery experts


The conference brought together a large number of specialists who exchanged knowledge, recommendations and therapeutic protocols in order to achieve a correct scientific update. The 42nd SECPRE Conference was chaired by Dr Salvador Rodríguez- Camps,Head of the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Unit of the Valencia Casa de Salud Hospital. Dr Rodríguez-Camps, who stated that "though our initial aim was to achieve an attendance of 500 plastic surgery experts, we are proud to confirm the presence of some 600 plastic surgeons in Valencia attending the conference". Among those present was Dr Pedro Cavadas who explained the reasons for his successful recent hand transplant. An acknowledged micro-surgical reconstruction expert, Dr Pedro Cavadas and his team of 4 plastic surgeons carry out some 1,800 operations a year,using the most up-todate techniques to treat patients considered otherwise unoperable or suffering from hardly reparairable sequels.

Besides,current topics such as face transplant, new facelift techniques, rejuvenation of the eye area, post-bariatric surgery and face oncology, new techniques in breast reduction and reconstruction, mastopexy, head and neck microsurgery and genital surgery were also dealt with. Stem cells were acknowledged to be likely to become part of plastic surgery experts normal clinical practice in the very near future on account of their capacity to enable tissue,muscle, bone and fat regeneration. During his lecture Dr Rodríguez -Camps stated that "plastic surgery allows us to correct various problems suffered by patients,wether of a genetic, acquired, tumour or involution nature, as well as to achieve a proportionate cosmetic result by reconstructing or repositioning superficial structures which affect body shape and function".

SECPRE, over 50 years existence. It was officially founded in 1956 with the aim of enhancing care quality by improving training, professional ethics, clinical practice and research in the field of plastic surgery. The Society works to protect the interests of its members and solve their problems but, above all, it provides information to plastic surgery users about the 900+ excellently trained plastic surgeons currently practising in Spain. That is why people considering the possibility of undergoing plastic surgery are advised to make sure the profession