• 01/02/2010

The Conference Centre is set to host events linked to Spain´s Presidency of the EU

The Valencia Conference Centre has been chosen as the host venue for different events connected with Spain´s Presidency of the European Union. Two main meetings, as well as fourteen side events, will be held at the Centre, during which the venue will be at the heart of the international media spotlight.

The first of these meetings, entitled The European Framework Programmes: From Economic Recovery to Sustainability, will be the key event in a series of other side events. This meeting seeks a new deal on new and traditional sectors with a view to fostering economic growth and job creation, as well as maintaining our high standards of quality of life.  Knowledge, technology, innovation, the internet, respect for the environment and new markets will all play a role in achieving these objectives and are the focal points of this meeting which will be held in Valencia in April.
The other important event to be held at the Centre is the Conference on the Mediterranean Solar Plan. A side event of this will be the FEMIP (Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership) Conference which will examine possible solutions to the energy challenge being faced by the Mediterranean Basin. The Conference on the Mediterranean Solar Plan has been organised by the Spanish government within the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union. The Mediterranean Solar Plan, launched in July 2008, is one of the strategic projects for sustainable development in the light of the foreseeable increase in the demand for energy in the Euro-Mediterranean region and the need to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

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