• 01/05/2009

The future of advertising and media communication debated at the Conference Centre

The Valencia Conference Centre hosted one of the most popular events of the year, the 2009 Festival of Media. Now in its third year, this is the world`s major media creativity and innovation event. The event brought together executives from leading media groups, major advertisers, and the best copywriters and strategists from advertising agencies. Entitled "An Industry in Transition", the 2009 Festival of Media included debates on the new business models and working relationships which have arisen as a result of digital technology, social networks, the development of media content, the increase in mobility and the globalisation of advertising budgets. Over 50 speakers from the world`s main media groups took part in the festival, including Maarten Albarda (Worldwide Director of Media & Communication Innovation, Coca-Cola), Henrique de Castro (Managing Director, European Sales & Media Platforms, Google) and Jean-Charles Decaux (Chairman of the Executive Board, JCDecaux). Representatives of two of the world`s major media groups, Fernando Rodés (Chief Executive Officer, Havas) and Jack Klues (Chairman, Publicis Media Groupe) also took part in the event.