• 21/11/2017

The Magic of Surg For All


Surg For All is a non-profit association which was set up almost three years ago to improve the quality of surgical care in third-world countries. They do this by bringing over surgeons and operating theatre nurses to train with committed healthcare professionals in Spain. Then they provide their hospitals with the surgical equipment they need and mentor them until they can use the techniques they have learned on their own.

During these three years and with the help of private individuals and companies, they have trained 21 surgeons and nurses from a number of hospitals in 38 different initiatives.

They have helped to “sow” knowledge and lent our heartfelt support to improving surgical services. Now they are “reaping our rewards” with new requests for assistance in larger projects, such as an application for a gynaecology scheme to prevent breast and uterine cancer in 50,000 women over five years.

They do “magic” to raise funds and find equipment which, while still useful, is discarded in the first world because it is not state-of-the-art.

Now, they have more tricks up their sleeve with five magicians generously putting their cards on the table to support our “Magic”.

On 22nd December, Dario Piera, Juan Gurrea, Ángel Blanco, Sofía Lerma and Coque Cueto will be rolling out their magic in the Valencia Conference Centre’s Auditorium 2 in two shows: one for families at 6.30 pm where toddlers and older children alike will have a great time in the run-up to Christmas, and another more geared towards an adult audience starting at 9 pm.

Both shows will be emceed by Dario Piera, who will be introducing each of the guest magicians.

The Magic of Surg For All, your magic, is reflected in the smiles of patients treated in hospitals where we train healthcare professionals. But they can only “wave our magic wand” with the help of everyone here. So please come along and enjoy this special magic show and help send our magic to where it is needed most.

You can buy tickets and learn more about these projects on our website ((https:http://surgforall.org/es/noticias/2017-la-magia-de-surgforall.php) and at Gestión Entradas (http://es.gestionentradas.com/). The tickets are numbered and they all cost the same: €15. Hurry up or you’ll miss out on the best seats!