• 01/05/2008

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly is
to meet in Valencia

The 54th annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly will be held in Valencia in November. Two hundred and fortyeight representatives of the 26 member states which form the Atlantic Alliance are expected to attend this top-level international meeting. They will also be joined by delegates from 16 associated countries.

The session will deal with issues related to security, politics and the economy. The assembly, which has its headquarter in Brussels, organises spring and autumn meetings. The last meeting was held in Reykjavik (Iceland) in October 2007. It is also expected that the Spanish Defence Minister and Foreign Minister will attend the meeting in Valencia. It is the second time that this consultative body has met in Spain, with Barcelona the chosen venue for the first meeting.

The dates being considered for the meeting in Valencia are 14th to 18th November 2008, depending on the decision taken by the Valencian Regional Parliament, which is organising the event. Considering the number of delegates who will come to Valencia, the organisation has decided that both the full sessions and the committee meetings shall be held in the Conference Centre because it fulfils all the requirements of such an event. Once again, for a few days Valencia will be the focus of world attention.