• 01/04/2011

The Nobel prizes of reproductive medicine

The 4th IVI International Congress, 7-9 april, will bring to the Valencia Conference Centre some of the best experts in reproductive medicine.

More than 1,100 participantes from 60 different countries will meet in this forum which, in spite of being the third in number of delegates, offers the most reputable international speakers.

Under the title What more can we do to understand the process and improves our results? the aim of the organisation is to continue addressing cutting edge topics in this continuously evolving field of human reproduction. 

Some of the professionals who will take part in the meeting will be Paul Devroy, Brussels Reproductive Medicine Centre Director, and Zew Rosenwaks, one of the Jones Institute past directors, where the first in vitro fertilization was done. Both will discuss about the differences in reproductive medicine methods in Europe and USA.

Fundación IVI - MSD Awards will be given the Clinical Research in reproductive Medicine Award and, for the first time, the Basic Research in reproductive Medicine Award, valued at 25,000 euros, to Dr. Bart C.J.M. Fauser and el Dr. René Frydman, respectively.

The 4th IVI Congress will be celebrated in conjuction with the CRYO 2011 Congress, a comprehensive congress fully devoted to clinical debates and controversial issues in a wide spectrum in Cryopreservation of Reproductive Cells, Tissue & Organs and Cryo Surgery.

Dr. Jose Remohí, honorary president of the IVI congress, has stressed that chosing the Valencia COnference Centre as their venue, for the second time is due to its image, reliability and professionalism in organizing events.

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