• 08/02/2011

The Valencia Conference Centre and the Club para la Excelencia en Eventos sign a partnership agreement

The Valencia Conference Centre and the Club para la Excelencia en Eventos (Event Excellence Club) have signed a partnership agreement with the aim of promoting and enhancing quality and guaranteeing excellence in the organisation and staging of professional events.

Both parties are keen to establish a series of guidelines so as to form a mutually beneficial relationship which will ensure the success of the events that are organised in the Conference Centre?s facilities. This will create positive results for the companies and organisations the events are held for.

This alliance is a combination of two elements. Firstly, the Valencia Conference Centre itself which, in the words of its CEO, José Salinas, "was recognised by the AIPC (International Association of Conference Centres) as the world´s best convention centre in 2010", and secondly, a commitment to best practices, in accordance with the established requirements for membership of the Club para la Excelencia en Eventos. Thus, Oscar Santiago, the Club´s Chairman, pointed out that "this creates a venue-organiser partnership which ensures high quality resources and guarantees the success of any event".

The agreement was signed during a special ceremony held at the Valencia Conference Centre, which was attended by practically all the member organisations of the Club para la Excelencia en Eventos.

Club para la Excelencia en Eventos
The Club para la Excelencia en Eventos was founded in May 2008 and is made up of the following agencies: Día D, EDT Eventos, Global Events, Innevento, Mac Guffin, Quum, SCP, Sörensen, Staff Eventos and Wow!. Its main aims are the consolidation of events as a strategic communication and marketing tool, as well as active participation in initiatives to professionalise the sector and the creation of a Code of Conduct. The Club represents a firm commitment to excellence by Spain?s main event organising agencies. These organisations have a combined turnover of around 95 million of euros and represent approximately 300 professionals from the sector.