• 08/09/2009

The Valencia Conference Centre continues to lead the field in environmental certifications

The Valencia Conference Centre has obtained its Energy Management System certification under Spain’s UNE 216301:2007 standard and in doing so has become the first organisation of its kind in Spain to be awarded the certificate.

The standard is a continuous improvement system which promotes the use of renewable energy. This new sustainability-based award is yet further recognition of the Conference Centre´s dedicated environmental strategy and is audited alongside the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards that the Centre already holds.

To obtain this award the Valencia Conference Centre passed an external audit carried out by an independent certifying body which assessed its use of alternative energy, the systematisation of its energy processes and the optimisation of its energy consumption to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions. This certificate shows our stakeholders that we are committed to sustainable development and to fighting climate change. It reinforces our image as a pioneering facility in the city thanks to the different initiatives we have been involved in which have led the way for other buildings to follow suit. 

One of the aspects most highly valued by the certifying body was the installation of the photovoltaic roof which has generated over 330,000 kWh of energy since it came into operation and is the most visible aspect of the Centre’s continued efforts to use resources efficiently and thus minimise our impact on the environment and establish a general commitment to responsible consumption.

The various different environmental initiatives introduced have enabled the building to gradually decrease the amount of energy it uses. Compared to initial consumption levels, the Centre has managed to save almost 1,000,000 kWh, thus avoiding the emission of almost 740,000 kg of CO2. This also weighed heavily in favour of the Centre during the certification audit.

According to the Conference Centre’s Managing Director, José Salinas, “the award is yet further recognition of our leading reputation for quality and reinforces our commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment as well as putting even more distance between us and our competitors”.

The Valencia Conference Centre

During the eleven years since it opened, the Conference Centre has received 1.2 million visitors, hosted over 1,800 events and generated over €500 million for the city, more than 16 times the amount it cost to build. In 2007 the Valencia Conference Centre obtained the highest European management accolade, the EFQM Recognised for Excellence (4 stars) award, and thus became the first and only conference centre in Spain and only the second in Europe to be given this distinction