• 19/09/2008

The Valencia Conference Centre lights up its new roof to celebrate its tenth birthday

The project is a clear sign of the Conference Centres active commitment to sustainability aimed at increasing energy efficiency, improving the quality of life and reducing the emission of polluting gases, thus contributing as much as possible towards compliance with the Kyoto Protocol. The venture confirms the Valencia Conference Centres position in Spain as a pioneering building since it is the first of its kind to adopt this type of environmental measures.

The design of the building has allowed its roof structure, built initially of an aluminium and zinc alloy, to be replaced by a new roof which uses integrated photovoltaic panels. As the panels have been specifically designed for the VCC, the building appearance remains unchanged and Foster´s original and unique design has been entirely preserved.

The organisation efficient management policies have allowed the Conference Centre to become financially independent and enabled it to generate its own resources from running the building and consequently undertake projects such as this. Investment in the installation of the photovoltaic roof and the energy conversion facility cost just over E3.1 million.