• 01/12/2005

Toyota Dealers Meeting

If few makes may boast being perceived by consumers worldwide as a synonym for quality, Toyota is certainly one of them. Un like many We s tern firms for whom quality as a production factor has been a relatively recent discovery, Toyota established its own production system the well - known Toyota Production System or TPS as early as the 1950s. It is based on the commitment of workers and managers a like through mutual trust and dependence.

This peculiar system, based on the Jidoka just in time and Kaizen improvement process principles, enabled Toyota to get over the crisis in which it had been inmersed since the beginning of the decade. The satisfactory results achieved as a consequence of this new organisational philosophy and strict demand for quality from its suppliers soon turned Toyota into the automobile manufacturers benchmark worldwide, in its permanent quest for Danto t su "being the best among the best". Toyota started producing vehicles outside Japan in 1959, and has since continued to expand its net work of plants and suppliers , which has definitely contributed to the worldwide expansion of its philos ophy mainly because those who wished to become Toyota suppliers must in turn implement total quality warranty processes .

The mutual benefits gained through this interaction soon transcended the purely industrial and established a close relation ship with the community within which the company operates, thus following its motto of contributing to the general prosperity.

The Toyota philos ophy applies to all its staff members "from managers to uns killed workers , from designers to sales personnel" and they are almost invariably proud of it. It was in this con text that the Toyota Spanish Dealers Meeting, which brought together over 3,000 staff of the Toyota net work in Spain, was held. For the hosting of such a meeting Toyota chose the Valencia Conference Centre on account of its versatility and experience in organising massive events. The ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standard certifications and the Tourist Quality "Q" awarded to the Centre in September last year, establishing it as a unique point of reference in Spain, no doubt constituted one of the factors in the choice .

Toyota´s community activities and sponsoring of education , research and sports projects are part of a set of principles which has made it the third automobile company World wide in terms of unit sales and sale outlets , well a head of any other Japanese company, capable of producing ten vehicles in the time it has taken you to read this page.