• 01/07/2005

Turn key events at your disposal

It was only a question of time for the "turn key operation" service, like the one developed by the Valencia Conference Centre, to become available. Not only have clients and congress organizers been expecting it for some time, the management scheme towards customer satisfaction developed by the Conference Centre during these last years, logically lead to its creation. The number of events in their thousands during these seven years of activity has demonstrated that every client is diff e rent and has his own, particular needs. As part of a relentless effort to improve the standard and continually seeking to satisfy the customer, a new service has been designed that offers the possibility of conducting a "turn key event", a personalized planning for the client that will guarantee the success of the meeting even before it has begun.

With a "turn key event" the client will have at its disposal an integral service for the organization of the event, entirely personalized, with the Centre´s services and premises at their disposal in a project designed to cover their personal needs in order to fully attend all their existing requirements while anticipating future ones beforehand. To view this part of the project´s development process, the Centre´s technical personnel uses the most advanced technology in virtual simulation, to allow the client to visualize the result of the p roject even before the date of the event. As a result, not only does the client obtain all he requires from the start, he/she can also count on a final budget in advance that includes the total cost of all services and, most import antly, gives the organization peace of mind knowing that everything has been arranged and designed for it.

The development of a "turn key operation" is an in depth project, during which the Conference Centre carries out a detailed monitoring of the client´s needs, studies its pre f e rences, its previous meetings and expectations and is in constant communication to collect all the necessary information, adapting the premises space to best suit the client´s interest.

All the information gathered is used in the project`s development process, as a result of which, with the help of virtual simulation technology, the Centre designs the event for the client and hands him/her a DVD with the details of the personalized event that includes a presentation of the premises the day of the inauguration. Hence, the client can check in time the arrangement of space, the availability of the necessary resources and many other factors that guarantee the smooth running of the event during crucial moments, and the delegates full satisfaction with the arrangements.

The aim of this procedure is to offer the client a clear vision of all the circumstances that surround the event before this one takes place. There is no better way to organize an event than to be sure that by selecting the Valencia Conference Centre, you are contracting a complete service package that contains all the relevant details, presented by a reliable and experienced team, capable of offering excellent customer service and the highest quality standards during the event .