• 02/07/2018

Twenty years building the future together


On 2nd July 1998, one of the icons of the new Valencia was born. The spectacular architecture and functional design of the Valencia Conference Centre not only served as the seed for the urban transformation of one of the main access roads into Valencia, but also quickly turned it into the main venue for major meetings in the city.

Over the years, the building has evolved to cater for new customer needs. The main challenges it has had to face include the appearance of numerous other venues and the technological transformation of the sector. The solution in both cases has been differentiation, innovating in the production of events through a professional team that offers a turnkey service, and introducing cutting-edge equipment to maintain its leading position over its competitors.

The dawn of the digital era has brought about a change in business models across the board, and especially in the tourism industry. Thanks to its versatile design, the Centre has been able to rise to all these social and technological challenges. Up to now, the enormous capacity for exchanging information through digital tools to share professional interests has failed to diminish the need for events and networking, which has led to the appearance of hybrid events that combine new communication channels with face-to-face meetings.

This strategy has been fundamental in the continuous improvement of the venue, which, in its 20 years of history, has welcomed over two million people and has hosted a total of 2,700 events. This activity has generated an impact of €1.1 billion and two million overnight stays, contributing to the creation of wealth in the business world and the improvement of the Valencia brand as a prestigious international tourist destination.