• 18/09/2018

Valencia Conference Centre to host Europe’s first longevity conference


The Longevity World Forum, the first conference about longevity and precision medicine organised by marketing consultants Talentum Group and the Medigene Press agency, has chosen Valencia and its Conference Centre to host its first event about the study of the human genome on 7-8 November 2018.  

A great deal of research has been done over recent years into rising life expectancy, an issue of increasing significance for societies today, along with enhancing our quality of life. Accordingly, the conference is to feature speakers with extensive experience in the sector including Aubrey de Gray, a biogerontologist at the SENS Research Foundation, and María Blasco, the director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre.

The convention is designed to build knowledge and interpersonal relationships for its attendees. Its audience will be made up of experts in the disciplines connected with the conference so as to generate fresh ideas for developing human longevity and improving the way in which medicine operates.

#Longevity18 will be streamed at the Valencia Conference Centre so the presentations can be watched live anywhere around the world. Issues such as genomics, biotechnology, P4 medicine and nutrition are to be discussed over its two days. The conference is intended to become a global European forum and will put Valencia on the world map of medicine.

If you would like to learn more about this event, please click here.